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Uhhhhhhh… … … DON'T TELL PADDY!!!!...
"I won't as long as you give the sword back"
"over my dead body"
Xaanik laughed menacingly
"fine.NOW BE GONE"
"yes-yes" "oh and Honey-Loras"
"you  never saw me"
"yes I did"o that's something you say when your leaving"
"your leaving? But I was just starting to like you… a bit "
"Sorry but I have-things to do…
As Xaanik walked down the street it began to rain on him making him look even more emo. As he walked he thought of the future. Soon Ruhiin would realise that he was alive soon he would find the key sole and kill me and become an unstoppable mass of unstoppablness. And soon he would find out the secret recipe of Honey-Loras's Haggis coffee. It was hard to keep p his mind off it as well there was nothing else to do apart from sulk about losing his powers or drop to the ground screaming in pain cos you have a hole in your chest. Then Xaanik realised how d
:iconchocoboman:ChocoboMan 1 1
Xaanik fanfiction
There on the edge on of the cliff-face he lay. cold silver blood lining the grass around him which softly sizzled, as it melted away. He groaned looking away from the sun which was holding him to the ground. The sword was a glowing dull silvery-gray which hurt his eyes. A weak groan escaped his lips "Ruhiin" he hissed.
The hours past leaving him alone on the grass, as if hoping he would soon be able to get up. Xaanik had underestimated the ancient sword once owed by sayiow.  It had been his undoing, he should never have given it up even for a relief from his suffocating sorrow how shallow he had been. but he had seen his power and believed. Believed that Ruhiin would give up his 'new' idea of well Destroying the cosmos.
He raised his hand to his chest ready to pull the sword out it out. That was the only way it would heal he thought. He clasped the highly decorated handle, and in one large struggle pulled the sword out. He let out a scream "NNNARGH" as  the silver b
:iconchocoboman:ChocoboMan 2 2
Wings by ChocoboMan Wings :iconchocoboman:ChocoboMan 1 2
A Christmas Dirge
Dirge of carols  
"Mr. Valentine!" "Stop staring at the fire place Father Christmas won't hurt you," said Yuffie.
"That's what you think" Vincent said sombrely as he shot a bullet into a pile of sticks lying defencelessly in the fire place. He kept his gun pointed at the fireplace. He had been doing it all day just in case he was visited… early.
"It's Christmas Eve and CAN'T YOU BE HAPPY FOR ONCE!" screeched Yuffie suddenly losing her temper like a squirrel when it forgot where it buried its food for the winter. "Please Vincent. Please?"
"You wouldn't understand" he growled, tightening his grip around Cerberus.
"NOT unless you tell me"
"Fine…" Vincent sighed, relaxing his grip on the trigger a little tiny bit but still glaring at the fireplace intensely "when I was six," he began "I—"
"WAIT! You were six once? Urgh!"
"Yes once I was six and as I was saying it was the worst day of my life… I'm …sorry… just give me some time…" said Vincent cov
:iconchocoboman:ChocoboMan 4 5


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